Issue 71

Welcome to Issue 71 of Digital Friday – a free weekly roundup of ideas and resources for creating amazing digital experiences.

Complete beginner’s guide to universal design

Whilst designers use personas to understand different needs for new digital experiences, they rarely take people’s abilities – both mental and physical – into account. This is where the concept of universal design comes in. It is a process closely related to accessibility and sets out to ensure products and services are universally usable by people of all abilities. UX Booth

Browsers, not apps, are the future of mobile

Native apps for IoS and Android were long considered the future of mobile digital experiences, however the story has not panned out that way and people are just not downloading and trying new apps. Instead we are accessing the web through mobile browsers and not just the traditional browsers like Safari, but messenger-based browsers like Facebook and Slack, which use bots and peers to curate and push relevant content to us. Intercom

6 ways to design a business

Designing positive digital experiences is not just about creating shiny interfaces that wow the customer, as behind every great product there exists the systems, processes and structures that enable that experience to work. This article from IDEO explains how business system design enables innovative products and services to reach customers and highlights some valuable lessons for experience design. Medium @IDEO

Innovation in customer experience starts with a shift in perspective

Thoughts from Brian Solis on the challenges of implementing CX (customer experience) improvements in larger organisations, the extent to which technology should play a role in CX and the importance of customer experience in driving digital transformation and innovation. Brian Solis

How to create customers for life with the perfect onboarding sequence (regardless of industry)

Repeat customers are much more profitable than those newly acquired, so the experience new customers receive whilst onboarding to your product or service will be pinnacle to converting them into a loyal customer. This detailed guide looks at ways to onboard new users and develop a longer-term customer retention strategy for your business. Kissmetrics